TJ's FPGA and SW projects

T-DAC, RPi-DAC STMF4 Discovery USB Audio Pico-C STMF4 Discovery UART Lyrebird True24 coming soon

Audiophile T-DAC and I2S RPi-DAC for Raspberry Pi

The best audio quality I2S DAC (optimized for best sound), also possible to use with Raspberry Pi or other sources.


Raspberry Pi B+ works with RPi-DAC, RPi-DAC-RCA and I2S

Use the latest Raspberry Pi B+ (plus) and the I2S DACs to enjoy best audio quality.

STMF4 Discovery Audio USB

T-UDAC : USB Sound Card with STM32F4 DISCOVERY and T-DAC

The STMF4 Discovery project (Coocox) as USB sound card works.
Please, be excited to create an USB headphone sound card for just USD 15.00
Configured for 24bit, 48KHz - it works also on RPi-DAC

Pico-C STMF4 Discovery USB UART

Pico-C on ARM Cortex-M4 (STM32F4Discovery and XynergyXS FPGA) with USB UART

Use the STMF4Discovery with USB VCP (USB UART Port) and Pico-C command line (shell) to have access to all board registers and features.

Write C-language like scripts in order to test the board or to implement new commands and features.


Lyrebird : a True24 bit DAC

Check out the concept to create a True24 bit DAC which should really provide a 24bit quality

Watch the progress of the project, the ideas and implementation


ACOBS : an ACtive OBject firmware System

a multi-threading firmware framework for ARM Cortex processors, based on Active Objects and Run-To-Completion approach

C Language for Silicon DV

(comming soon) T-FDAC : USB Sound Card with FPGA (based on XynergyXS) and upsampling, filtering etc.

(comming soon) Video Processing with Digilent Atlsys FPGA

(comming soon) Event Driven Multitask OS for ARM Cortex-Mx processors

(comming soon) SD Card (SPI mode) on Digilent Atlsys FPGA, connected via USB