Please, see: It's now Durio Sound

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General and Ordering

Can I order?

Sure, please do via ORDER @ Gravitech

Could I get it more cost-effective?

There are options, mainly related to the power supply. Please, check out which options are available for an order.

Coud I use the RPi-DAC modules for something else?

You can connect the Durio Sound to any I2S source. It can be your USB-to-I2S module, Bluetooth module or any micro-controller board with I2S Out.

You can use modules of the modular RPi-DAC system, e.g. the RPi-DAC-SPS or the RPi-DAC-SPDIF module for any other project.

The T-DAC-FPGA module provide a (small) FPGA and I2S in and out. You can use in order to process your I2S signal.

The T-DAC-IF module provides several audio interfaces such as S/PDIF, TOSLINK and USB. The output is an I2S signal, so that you could connect your own I2S DAC.