Interface module for T-DAC, RPi-DAC

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Interface Module and Enclosure

  • interface module for Weiliang DAC enclosure
  • fits directly with commercially available enclosure (just XLR needs a bit mechanical work, drill additional holes)
  • provides: S/PDIF, TOSLINK and USB In (XMOS [1]), HP Out, RCA Out, XLR Out
  • optional RN52 Bluetooth audio module [2]
  • similar to RPi-DAC-SPDIF, just redesigned to fit into enclosure
  • Uses a digital controlled input selector, e.g. use micro-controller and IrDA to select input source (default: jumpers)
  • LED bi- or tri-color indicators (mounted on enclosure front panel)
  • headers for AC/DC power distribution
  • optional free S/PDIF input, parallel S/PDIF output (onboard), e.g. for Bluetooth receiver module
  • onboard LDOs, low voltage AC powered (with rectification)

Final Enclosure

T-DAC Enclosure

RPi-DAC-IF with RPi-DAC DualMono, RPi-DAC-SPS, transformer and power input filter

T-DAC Enclosure

RPi-DAC-IF with XMOS USB module (blue)

Block Diagram

T-DAC Interface Block Diagram

T-DAC-IF Block Diagram


The RPi-DAC-IF module provides interfaces and form factor in order to be built-in into an enclosure.

You can use any enclosure or a Weiliang DAC enclosure.

This interface module is similar to the RPi-DAC-SPDIF, using a DIR9001 for the S/PDIF interfaces but has additional features:

  • It has a digital multiplexer for 4-to-1 S/PDIF inputs. The selection can be done via jumpers or a micro-comtroller (external).
  • It provides the Weiliang XMOS USB receiver module header. You can use an XMOS module as USB interface. This extension header can also be used for an RN52 Bluetooth module (PCB needed, in preparation).
  • A free S/PDIF input can be used for an RN52 Bluethooth module, e.g. the Microchip RN52 evaljuation board.
  • The board provides connectors/headers so that the AC or DC can be distributed from here. A star ground connection is available to ground all components on a single spot.

Remark: for the balanced XLR output, the line driver is needed (RPi-DAC-IF has just connectors). These line drivers are located on the RPi-DAC-FPGA module.


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Bill Of Materials (BOM)

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Design files and docs

BOM_T-DAC-IF.pdf (64K)

RPi-IF_solder.pdf (301K) (53K) ExpressPCB file (ZIP)


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[1] Weiliang XMOS USB

[2] Microchip RN52